Employee development in the business world is absolutely critical. Through better employee development, you gain and retain better employees, with better employees you gain and retain better clients and with better clients you get a better business…

Even if you think your business already handles employee development well, it’s worth reconsidering your approach. LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends report found that 59% of employees listed professional development as the top area their business should invest in to improve company culture. 

Within most organisations, there’s ample room to improve career development, allowing your company to make a meaningful difference in your employees’ lives.

When looking for employee development programmes it’s not only important to offer training courses and programmes in their related fields but also on general topics like leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

All of our training programmes are tailored to the organisation and employees needs and requirements.  Programmes vary in length depending on business needs, attention level of attendees, learning topic, and time available for training. 

The most important factor is embedding the learnings into natural behaviours.  For this reason each training programme includes either a One-to-One 30 or 60 minute follow up, or two 60 minute group follow up sessions 2 weeks and 4 weeks after the training (over Zoom) to ensure the learnings are being put into practice.

The following is an overview of some of the training programmes used by existing partners.  Each programme includes tips, techniques and strategies in relation to the specific subject.  All programmes also include mindset, as a growth mindset is critical to continuous improvement and development.


Developing & Enhancing Leadership Skills to Positively Influence

Enhancing leadership skills can improve communication, boost team morale, increase productivity, and drive innovation. It also enables leaders to inspire and mentor their team members, make better decisions, and navigate challenging situations effectively. Overall, strong leadership can contribute to the success and growth of an organisation.

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Transforming Teams for High Performance

High-performing teams enable businesses to increase productivity, improve communication, and achieve goals more effectively. They foster a collaborative, innovative and positive culture where team members can contribute their ideas and skills to achieve collective success. This results in better performance, increased job satisfaction and retention, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Embedding Vision, Mission and Culture to Achieve a Single Purpose

Embedding vision, mission and culture helps to align the entire organisation towards a single purpose, enhances employee motivation, fosters a sense of belonging, strengthens brand identity and reputation, improves decision-making, facilitates communication, and enables long-term strategic planning.

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Planning to Achieve Results

Planning helps to set specific goals and objectives, provides a roadmap for achieving them, increases efficiency and productivity, reduces stress and uncertainty, and enables effective decision-making. It also helps to prioritise tasks, allocate resources effectively, and monitor progress towards goals.

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Professionally Helping People to Buy Without Selling

A professionally helpful approach to helping people buy without selling can create trust and build long-term relationships. It can also improve customer satisfaction and repeat business, increase referrals, and enhance the reputation of the business. Additionally, it can lead to better retention rates, increased sales, and higher customer lifetime value.


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Communicating with Confidence to Become Dynamic, Persuasive Speakers

Communicating with confidence can increase credibility, build stronger relationships, deliver powerful messages, inspire people to action, reduce misunderstandings, promote clear decision making and problem-solving, and ultimately lead to greater success in personal and professional life.

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Creating an Environment of Trust & Inspire to Achieve Success

Trust and inspire leadership fosters open and honest communication, encourages collaboration, empowers employees, promotes creativity and innovation, and enhances overall team cohesion. It leads to increased job satisfaction, employee engagement, and organisational success.

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Get more done in less time

Having good time management skills can lead to increased productivity, reduced stress, better work-life balance, improved punctuality and meeting deadlines, and achieving personal and professional goals.  It enables effective and efficient use of time, helping individuals to focus on what is important and achieve their desired outcomes.

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Enhanced customer service to inspire customer loyalty 

Great customer service leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. It also helps in building a positive image and reputation for the company, increasing customer referrals, and improves employee morale and job satisfaction. Overall, it leads to increased profitability and growth for the business.