Do you or your team ask the right questions when selling?

Do you even know what those questions are?

Taking a new approach to sales – or establishing the correct approach – can make all the difference in a business that grows and one that struggles along. Unlike other sales training workshops, the ActionCOACH half day SalesRICH workshop is designed to re-orient even “non-sales” people to the strategies and process of a successful sales team.

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Does your day go by and you wonder what you actually accomplished?

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of all you have to do?

Do you continuously find yourself putting out fires?

If you answered yes to any of these, then the TimeRICH program is for you.  Our TimeRICH training will offer you tools to leverage your time, be more productive, and be more satisfied with your results. This training can be run with you and your entire team in-house, or you and/or your team members can attend one of our regular public workshops.

Invest 2 hours in this workshop and you’ll gain 5 hours EVERY week there after!

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Do you want your business to succeed?

Well, the reality is avoiding your numbers is not an option!

This program offers the REAL world education and simple, practical financial tools needed to master the finances in your business.

If you’re in business to make money, you’re probably relying on either your emotions or your limited intellect.

In this workshop, you will learn to know, understand and love your numbers to enable you to make informed, intelligent, and strategic business decisions!

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Are your team as passionate about the company as you?

Isn’t that the ideal image of a successful Company, but is it possible?

In all types of companies, your team members are the biggest asset to the Company, and when your team is as passionate about the Company as you are there should be synergy in all areas.

With our TeamALIGN we aim to explore and improve the different dynamics among your team, from Owners/Directors/Team Leaders through to the lowest level Team Members. There is no team size too large or small!

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Business Strategy Workshop

What is it you actually want in your personal life? More time, money, fun?

You may be wondering what that’s got to do with business coaching and your business plan?

Well, your business exists to provide the life you want.

If you’re a sole trader or employ as many as 5 staff, then our Business Strategy Workshop is for you. During this strategy workshop, we’ll guide you through creating a clear and straightforward plan that you’re confident you can and will achieve.  We’ll help you to gain clarity on your business and personal goals and align them so they are working with and for each other.

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What’s the difference between ‘staff’ and ‘team’?

Can your business work without you?

Staff require constant supervision because the aren’t committed to the success of the business. A team, on the other hand, is dedicated to your success- because your goals are intertwined.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking time out from running your business without jeopardizing profitability, then the people who work there will need to run it for you.

Learn how to improve your TEAM…

As a business coaching company, we know that the fastest way to grow profits in any business is to get everyone working towards a common goal as a committed team. Concentrate on developing your team and your team will take care of your profit.

The way to start is by transforming your staff into a team. How do you do that?  By ensuring they attend our highly acclaimed TeamRICH workshop!

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How can you make the phone a part of your sales process and make sales ring in your business?

Just One Phone Sales Training Program Will Transform Your Telephone Into A Licence To Print Money.

When you start to think of your telephone as a link between your customers’ wallets and your bank account, you begin to understand the importance of using it effectively, and therefore the necessity of putting your team through PhoneRICH.

Even the most basic of tasks like how you answer the phone can and does dramatically impact on a customer’s perception of your skill, worth, prices and overall professionalism.  You (and your team) will learn techniques for getting your prospects to commit; to buy right there on the phone.  You’ll also discover powerful scripts to make price shopping a thing of the past.  Think of how many marketing pounds are wasted because the calls from prospects were handled badly or even worse not handled at all. If you’ve ever had a customer say, “Thanks, I’ll call you back,” PhoneRICH is a training program is a must.

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Do your very best customers constantly do your selling for you?

What would your bottom line look like if you had new customers flooding through your doors without having to spend anything on advertising?

It may seem impossible … but the truth is, it is surprisingly simple to implement into your business.

ServiceRICH is a half-day workshop specifically designed to enhance your (and your team’s) Customer Service skills.

Turn your customers into a force of motivated, passionate salespeople …

Imagine having your very best customers constantly doing your selling for you.

Your best customers bringing business to you … Our powerful ServiceRICH workshop will show you how you and your team can make top class customer service a way of life in your business.

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